Eat healthy food, Live Longga!

How We Started

The Live Longga Story

Jen Aspacio’s love for her family gave birth to Live Longga, the 100% vegan longganisa.

The motive behind creating a healthy version of longganisa was prompted by Mompreneur Jen Aspacio’s desire to influence her parents to make healthier food choices. Her parents, who are now in their senior years, are meat lovers. This was the inspiration behind making Live Longga Vegan Longganisa taste like the “real thing” and appeal to the meat lover’s taste buds. One would hardly notice that there’s no meat at all. Many who have tasted affirm this and have gotten to enjoy its health benefits without sacrificing taste or flavor. 

Their delicious vegan longganisa is made from shiitake mushrooms, soy and wheat protein, coconut vinegar, and raw sugar. It also has a mix of 10 different herbs and spices including garlic, thyme, basil, and turmeric which are known for their many health benefits. Those who are particular about the quality of ingredients will appreciate that Live Longga products are made with premium and Halal certified ingredients. It also does not contain egg, preservatives, nor MSG.